Forensic Practice

Dr. Etcoff provides a wide range of forensic services as an expert or consultant for the Southern Nevada legal community, and for legal organizations in many other states.  Dr. Etcoff has experience working with criminal and custody-related matters, but works primarily with civil complaints. His forensic services include:

  • Review of records
  • Legal consulting
  • Independent Psychological / Neuropsychological Examinations (IPEs)
  • Trial and deposition expert testimony
  • Lectures and seminars on the application of neuropsychological and psychological assessment to forensic practice

For questions regarding fees or scheduling, or for any other questions, attorneys should contact Donna Callender, Office Manager, who will collect information about the case and what services will be required of Dr. Etcoff. She will then forward a copy of Dr. Etcoff’s curriculum vitae (CV), current Attorney Agreement, list of recent testimony and publications, and any other documents that may pertain to the case.

Dr. Etcoff also conducts disability and Workers’ Compensation evaluations and record reviews. Case managers and claims adjustors should contact Donna with any questions, including questions regarding fees and scheduling.

Dr. Etcoff employs, trains, and supervises individuals who have advanced degrees in Clinical Psychology (M.A., Ph.D.), who may help review records, interview, test, or dictate portions of the report. Additionally, Dr. Etcoff is an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Psychology in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Psychology department. He supervises advanced doctoral students from UNLV, who regularly perform interviews and administer a variety of psychological and neuropsychological tests under his direct supervision in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS 641.168, Psychological Unlicensed Personnel). Each of these individuals is subject to the same ethical guidelines as is Dr. Etcoff, and they conduct themselves with professionalism and treat all clients with respect. Ultimately, however, results of all tests are interpreted and reviewed by Dr. Etcoff.